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Status Online
Round Status Over
Round Name Orion XXVI
Total Players 9
Start Date 2015-02-22 19:00:00
Alliance Setup Empire Alliances
Private Slots 0
Ship Limit 12
Newbie Limit 48 ticks
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Status Online
Round Status Over
Round Name Andromeda XXXVI
Total Players 20
Start Date 2015-03-09 19:00:00
Alliance Setup Empire Alliances
Private Slots 0
Ship Limit 12
Newbie Limit 48 ticks
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New Sol Round!
Posted By: Lefty2k59 at 13:12pm

Hello again SFers. It's Haldir once again. I have returned from the fires of Hell and middle management to return with a new Sol round for you all! Thanks once again to my man Aftermath for taking the reins for a bit. I'll be keeping the changes he made going forward, so this Sol round will be the same as the last. The details are:


Signup starts: Monday 9th March 19:00 (GMT)
Ticks start: Tuesday 10th March 19:00 (GMT)
Tick Speed: 5 minutes

If you have any comments, concerns or ideas let me know. Have a great round everyone!


New Rounds of Sol and Protheus
Posted By: Aftermath at 12:00pm

Here we are for some more rounds of SF! I've fixed the Sovereign issue for the Versuden race. I've added Defence Plats as research items again - and included the split between Defence Plats and SFs. Let's bring back some of those classic tactics.

A few people have been requesting some changes to Sol. One of those changes being some kind of accelerated starting mode - so that players begin the round with more land/roids and resources than usual to speed up the process further.

What I'm thinking about doing is running a normal Sol round from Monday to Friday and then have an accelerated speed round of Sol running from Friday night to Sunday night. It might take some of the fun out of knowing roughly when the round will end - but I thought that it might add a bit of a strategy.

Anyway, here are the round details:

Sol -
Signup starts: Saturday 21st @ 19:00 SF time
Signup mode: 24 hours

Protheus starts: Sunday 22nd @ 19:00 SF time
Signup mode: 48 hours

Tick speeds are still the same - 5 minutes and 1 hour.

Got any ideas or suggestions then let me know.


New Sol Round - 10th February
Posted By: Aftermath at 13:17pm

Here comes another round of Sol. The tick speed will be 5 minutes again. Any suggestions for some different tick speeds for Sol? Maybe worth trying to 10 or 15 minute tickers again?

Here is the info for the Sol round:

Signup starts: 19:00 (SF time) Tuesday 10th February
Signup mode: 24 hours
Alliances and ships are the same as the previous round.


New Sol and Protheus Rounds - 29th January
Posted By: Aftermath at 20:16pm

Here we are again with some more rounds. As standard at the moment, Protheus is 1 hour ticks and Sol is 5 minute ticks. There will be a few small changes to available ships in the round. I want to have a bit of an adjustment in order to properly balance things out and figure out what needs tweaking.

I am looking at other ways to improve the game without massive redevelopment. But at the same time I'm looking some possible big projects to hopefully flesh the game out a little.

New Round details:

Protheus Signup: 29th January - 19:00 SF Time
Signup mode: 48 hours

Sol Signup: 29th January - 19:00 SF Time
Signup mode: 24 hours

Got any suggestions for me? Come and let me know on IRC. - Afty

New Sol Round - Wednesday 21st January
Posted By: Aftermath at 18:08pm

Here we go for another Sol round. I'm doing my best to keep these regular and fresh. Another 5 minute ticker will be starting tomorrow at 19:00 SF time.

I've been posting on Facebook over the last week or so and it was good to see a few different faces showing up on IRC. It seems strange to realise that some people have been gone for well over a year or more already.

Anyway, Sol details:

Signup mode starts: Wednesday 21st - 19:00 SF time.
48 hour signup.
Empire alliances.

Hopefully we'll see you there!

New Sol Round - 13th January
Posted By: Aftermath at 16:17pm

Happy New Year to all SFers! I'm doing a quick new round for Sol, starting today. Hopefully we can keep up some regular rounds on the fast ticker and try to encourage a few more people to start signing up again.

I do have some plans and suggestions for some new features etc. I just need a bit of free time to get working on them.

For Sol, I'm going to try just two sectors/two alliances - with sector alliances. So, it'll be fairly random. I'm also going to say this: if each player brought a new player (or a previous player back) to the game then the player base would double. Just a suggestion!

Signup for Sol:
19:00 SF time - Tuesday 13th January


New Rounds and Merry Christmas
Posted By: Aftermath at 12:31pm

Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays if you prefer it) to all!

I know that Haldir is busy at the moment, so I (Aftermath) have decided to quickly set up some rounds to start on 27th December. For a bit of a change I've also disabled T-Rex and allowed players to attack non-alliance members.

Sol Round:
Starts - Saturday 27th December @ 19:00 SF Time
24 hour signup mode

Protheus Round:
Starts - Saturday 27th December @ 20:00 SF Time
48 hour signup mode

IRC is a little quiet at the moment - which doesn't seem quite right. Get on and play some rounds for Christmas!